Welcome to Keldslykkegård Hobbykennel for Dansk Spids!

It all started with a Danish Spids - Then an American Collie came too - Then another American Collie - Then a Samojed, another American Collie and finally another Danish Spid .
-Then we found new homes for the two collies and acquired  a German Spitz from the Netherlands and finally another Danish Spids.

We stopped breeding Collies in 2010 to concentrate our work with the Danish Spids.

All our breeding dogs are tested for HD and Patella

The old Danske Spids!

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Maggie -Our pride. The leader of the herd. Lovingly but definitely she puts the others in there place when needed. Maggie is an approved Danish Spids and after her 3 litter of puppies she has now retired.


Nikey is a puppy of Senna and Østerberg's Faust and was the only bitch in the litter and a small version of her mother.

Then we decided to keep a male dog with all the problems it entailes causes.malik_maj_2015_5png

Keldslykkegaards Sille 2017 - After Thor og Nikey

The background for the dogs we breed today!

Our first Danish Spids!-
In 2005 we bought a puppy from a private owner in Funen. - No peddigee and just a white puppy, which was very cute. We had no idea about the Danish Spids and we did know that father was a mixed breed. After someone from the Danish Spids Society discovered Maggie, as we chose to call her, we were encouraged to sign up in DKK and get Maggie mated, which we did. We were told that Maggie was going to help restore an old Danish breed that was close to extinction.  Exciting! - Mona was taken by the idea and got a seat on the board of the Society for the Danish Spitz, where she got even more dogs into the work. - It turned out, however, that none of the male dogs had the necessary drives and after several unsuccessful attempts, we are eventually encouraged to inseminate Maggie with semen from a male dog. In our opinion, this was too much and we chose to use a Samoyed dog instead, and the mating went well. A nice litter of puppies. - We were well aware that this was in violation of DKK's rules and also aware that we could not continue working with the Society for Danish Spids. We therefore choose to continue to work on recreating the Danish Spitz, based on our own attitudes, which include: goes for the dog's natural drives to be present. We suspected that the reason the dog had disappeared in Denmark could be because there were problems with the dog's ability to reproduce, as in time within DKK, it became clear that the other dogs had small litters and had to repeatedly taken with caesarean section. - Not that we have the evidence, but the suspicion was there anyway, so we chose to continue our work with the development of a healthy Danish tip. - With good results. Good healthy puppies and large litters of 8-9 puppies. - We have now reached a result where our puppies turn out to be close to the goal of recreating the breed and have therefore entered into a collaboration with other fiery souls and formed the Association for the Old Danish Spitz, where the work will be tightened up a bit more without our original goals with a healthy and strong dog are put to rest. Therefore, all our bitches are also examined for hip dysplasia and Patella Lux (knees) and we only use male dogs that have also been examined. - Health and strength must be the result. - That it turns out to be a beautiful dog, we gladly take it with us!