Puppies for sale!


Nikey has giving birth to 10 (Ten) puppies on 2/2-2020.

The biggest litter Danish Spids puppies ever. (So far!)

Puppies in 2020 will cost 14.000,- Dkr.

All is sold!

Sille gave birth to 7 puppies on 28/1-2020. - You can follow Silles puppies on Silles page Puppies from this litter can move from home 28/3-2020 All is sold!

Nikey got her puppies 5 days later at 2/2-2020. These puppies can move from home on 1/4-2020 See more on Nikeys page   All is sold!

We make a lot out of the experience when you need a new puppy and therefore you get a video sent every one, or every two weeks as a puppy buyer. It allows you to keep up with the first very important weeks for the puppy. If you want to be sure to get the latest video, subscribe to our channel on YouTube. Here you can also find all the previous videos. Our channel you will find by clicking here: Keldslykkegaard Hobbykennel:

This litter was shown on Danish television news" TVEast nyheder

 den 25/12-2016