When the puppies still are with us!

You can't choose witch puppie you want....

You can't choose puppies from us. It is the puppy who chooses his new family - We accept that you prefer a female or a male puppy, but it is the chemistry between the puppy and the family that will determine which puppy you get home. There are various techniques that we use in trying to find the right match and of course we are aware of the wishes you have.


When you visit us for the 2nd time, usually after the puppy is 4 weeks old and assuming that both parties agree on a purchase, are subsequently sent a purchase agreement and a deposit, typically 3000,- is added to our bank account. It allows the buyer to "think about" as it is an important decision and not just an impulse act. They're beautiful, the little puppies. Deposit is, among other things, to cover ad expenses if the puppy owner does not want to complete the deal at a later date. In addition, reference is made to the Danish Purchase Act, which also applies to puppies. Among other things, 2 years of warranty. If at some point it turns out that you can't have a dog anyway, you're expected to contact us so we can help convey a new home to the dog.

Kontrakt 2019_2 keldslykkegård.pdf

It may sound a little strange to impose conditions in selling a puppy, but it is living beings and it is VERY important to us that a proper match is happening. - Kind of like a contact agency. The most basic condition for buying one of our puppies is a visit to us where, among other things, we are able to buy one of our puppies. whether the chemistry is present. It is important to us that it is the right family that buys one of our puppies. There is nothing worse than discovering that one of our puppies has been sold on. It may well be the right thing, but for us it is a defeat. We haven't done our job well enough. That's why we spend time finding the right families. It may well be that part of our question feels pushy, but it is only an attempt to find just the right solution. - The other conditions are set out in our puppy contract, which can be seen below.



Many of our puppy buyers come and visit us before there are puppies. It's to see the parents and to make up with themselves whether it's the right place to buy dog. - WE'D LOVE TO. - In our view, it's the right way to buy a puppy. At the same time, we call for any need to do so. buyers visit other similar kennels. It is important to see more than 1 place. Buying a dog is a serious matter. Both for you as a buyer and us as a salesman. You have to be safe in your case, and so do we. We don't want to be alittle, but we want to know how your dog is doing in the future. Is this a good combination we've helped create?

We sell our puppies with pedigree prepared by the Association for the Old Danish Spids of which we are a member. We try to create puppies according to what we believe will be the right combination and do not need to go to exhibitions or workouts. Our animals are raised to stay within the boundaries of the garden and come when we call. It succeeds for the most part, although it can be difficult to hold the herd back when the hare or a deer comes by. We love our dogs and cats and have those around us around us 24 hours a day and we realize they are spoiled! (We usually tell our puppy buyers that they should do as we say! - Not as we do.)

Puppy visits and puppy choices!


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