Under here you have the option to fill in a puppy order. It is by no means binding on you, only an opportunity to be considered. The final decision will not take place until after a visit in which both parties "approve" each other. It is important for us to get as much information about you and your family as possible, so please use a little text to share about yourself and your family. You always have the opportunity to visit us before you decide. You should actually do that, so you have the opportunity to see how we keep dogs and whether it is now for you.

You can't pick a puppy from us! - It's the puppy who chooses you! 

We reserve the right to opt out of a family that we do not believe fit the task of a Danish Spitz puppy.

At 6 weeks of age, we know each puppy and know what type of family they need to thrive. - Then assigned in the type of puppy that we believe is best suited to you. - We accept that you choose a male or a female puppy and take this into account, even if it is by its very nature not possible to promise anything in this respect. - All our puppy buyers are invited to visit when the puppies are 4 weeks old and a small puppy test is carried out here to help us with the final decision and here you will be handed a contract to be signed. At the same time, you are asked to deposit, after which the contract applies.

Of course, you are welcome to call if you have any questions. Try at +45 50705111 - It works mostly... E-Mail is also an option. Write to us on info@keldslykkegaard.com

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