Keldslykkegaards Sille 2017

Expect puppies at 28-30/5-2023!

Silles puppies was born on ......2023 ...  ? female and  ? male puppies!!

Sille has a little special story!

She wasn't our first choice when we stood with a litter of puppies and had to keep one of them, but it already turned out at 6 weeks old that she was a jumper and a breakout, which meant we chose to trade with the family that had been awarded to Sille. - It was a family on the outside of Copenhagen and there she probably wouldn't be able to adapt. As will be seen in this picture series below you can see why. She spends more time standing on one or max. 2 legs than any other dog we know.

She's a gentle dog anyway. Still a teenager and learns lots of things from, among other things, our male dog Malik, who is also a "jumper"

alle 21JPGHowever, it is because we taught him how to jump, which was a very clear mistake. - It cost extra fences all over the garden because he simply can't bear to see pheasants visit. - They have the clear advantage that they can simply fly and Malik thinks so can he. - In addition to the fence...