Nikey gave birth to 10 puppies on 2/2-2020. -  Father to this litter is Keldslykkegaards Balder

Follow the puppies on this page: Nikeys puppies

Nikey is the daughter of Senna and Østerbergs Faust and already draws very well. - She is the smallest of all the dogs we have and is in constant danger of being bullied, so she has developed special abilities to become an accepted part of the herd. Her place is therefore also on the lap of Dad. She has hips B and Patella 0/0 and has incredibly powerful mother instincts. In addition to even taking care of her own puppies, she also helps to look after the other litters. - She has already shown that she is absolutely amazing as "aunt" for all the others' puppies. Very strong instincts! - A beautiful little girl who gets beautiful puppies! (See Sinus from Nikey's first litter) (Se Sinus fra Nikey's første kuld)

Below you will find a play list of all videos with Nikey and her puppies!