The leading lady that it all started with.......

Maggie is 48 cm in rod and weighs 18 kg fully grown. Maggie was born 20/3-2005 and is 7 years old in the photo from Oct. 2012 below. - She's still looking good or what?.......


Maggie's neutralized, but luckily there's
strength in the lady that the others have accepted her role as a
Leader. However, she is incredibly troubled by what is called castral fur (twice as
much underwool) And her skin has become delicate, as on an old lady. - Her
hearing has almost disappeared and she doesn't like all the trouble the young
can perform so that she disappears into the office in the barn, where we have
Maggie's room. Maggie is 14 years old in this photo.

Maggie took on the role of dog in the Stone Age in DR's new major production: "The History of Denmark" - You can see or revisit the section below.


Maggie's the Queen here on the farm. She's a driver's with a push on the driver. Friendly, but certainly she puts the others in place. - Preferably several times a day. Maggie is approved Danish Spids and an amazing dog. Danish Spids is a distinct family dog. Relatively light fur care for a long-haired dog. Throw the coat once or twice a year where it is impossible to wear black clothes. We usually brush off the coat on the lawn, where the hair flies to all sides. It usually fits with the fact that when we have a meeting and want to boast a little of our dogs, they look like something brought in with the 4th train. In this way, we help highlight the puppies who are visiting. - It's certainly not our dogs that shadow the others.

Dansk Spids er en mellem størrelses hund og meget let, hurtig og elegant. Løber uden de store problemer en hare op. Er meget ivrig efter at gøre dig tilpas, men pas på med at være for hård, det kan let give en nervøs hund.

Dansk Spids er ikke en udbredt race og på et tidspunkt var den ved at forsvinde helt som racehund. Der er nu igangsat et arbejde for at genskabe racen i Danmark